Below is a sample of the amazing kayaks and SUPs now on sale at Tahoe City Kayaks & Paddleboards.


Tahoe City Kayak, 12' Oxbow Play Standup Paddleboard

12' Oxbow Play Standup Paddleboard

Featuring the same user-friendly stability and versatility as its smaller siblings, the 12’ Play offers higher capacity (up to 350lbs), incredible stability and ease of paddling thanks to the unique k
Tahoe City Kayak, Bote Cross Fish Standup Paddleboard

Bote Cross Fish Standup Paddleboard

The Cross Fish’s incredible stability and balance provides a SUP that is great for activities like fishing, yoga, and paddleboarding around flat water conditions.
Tahoe City Kayak, Caribbean 12 Kayak

Caribbean 12 Kayak

At 12 feet in length with a 30” beam, the Caribbean 12’s stability is extraordinary, yet the highly efficient hull design and hard, abrasion resistant Carbonlite material lets her glide through the wa
Tahoe City Kayak, Hobie 10'4" Venture Standup Paddleboard

Hobie 10'4" Venture Standup Paddleboard

Experience the thrill of these multi-use boards—racing, touring, surfing and distance; you will never have to choose just one. The Venture Series, designed for the all-around paddler, handles it all.
Tahoe City Kayak, Hobie Mirage Lynx

Hobie Mirage Lynx

Relish the power of pedal propulsion, in both forward and reverse.
Tahoe City Kayak, iTrek 11 Inflatable Kayak

Itrek 11 Inflatable Kayak

Built for everything from day trips to overnight escapes, the Mirage iTrek 11 inflatable kayak with perched seating is the perfect choice for any adventure.
Tahoe City Kayak, Navio VFT Standup Paddleboard

Navio Vft Standup Paddleboard

Escape on the Navio VFT for an afternoon adventure. The only SUP on the market to feature a keel line, it paddles straighter and with less effort for a quiet stable ride.
Tahoe City Kayak, Tao Fit Standup Paddleboard

Tao Fit Standup Paddleboard

Whether paddling in slop and boat chop or taking a board down a section of fast water, the hybrid hull offers a unique keeled nose for cutting through chop and softening the ride while giving the boar
Tahoe City Kayak, Traveler Aero Inflatable Standup Paddleboard

Traveler Aero Inflatable Standup Paddleboard

The Traveler Aero inflatable paddle board is still efficient-yet smooth, stable-yet agile, and sexy-yet tough, but offering the ease of portability you want in an inflatable.