The Paddle Wheel Saloon, known affectionately as “The Wheel,” is a great place to hang out and pass the time. The drinks are strong and inexpensive, the bartenders and clientele always entertaining. On most mornings you’ll find a powwow of long-time locals sipping Bloody Marys and rolling dice; most evenings there’ll be a few off-duty resort workers playing video poker. Later at night the crowd tends to grow, a younger scene gaming, throwing darts and feeding money to the jukebox. Anytime of day you can find a few tourists sipping cocktails, escaping the high prices of the Hyatt across the street. The Wheel is also a sports bar, showing most major sporting events on their dozen or so TVs. The Paddle Wheel Saloon is open daily from 8 a.m. until whenever. Whenever you do go, you’re sure to have a wheel good time.