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South Lake Tahoe is known as one of the greatest parts of the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Not only is this area a tourist’s dream land, but it offers fantastic cruises onto the waters for an immersive adventure. Explore the crystal-clear depths of the country’s largest alpine lake while taking in the scenery that makes Lake Tahoe famous. From the abundant wildlife to the snow-capped mountain ranges, guests will be awestruck by the stunning, natural views. From the Bleu Wave to the MS Dixie, an abundance of sightseeing cruises are  offered in the area.

One unforgettable sightseeing cruise option is the M.S. Dixie II. This cruise sails along Emerald Bay to give guests plenty of views of the local wildlife, foliage, and scenery. The cruise line also offers both sightseeing and dinner cruise options. So whether guests want to go bird watching or enjoy the sights while dining, the M.S. Dixie offers something for everyone.

On the Bleu Wave, guests can sail along on the lake and soak in the significance of places like Vikingsholm and Eagle Falls. The ship itself is equipped with plenty of great amenities including a full bar, restrooms, a fly bridge, a lounge, and more. Guests can also choose to embark upon either a sightseeing cruise or a lunch cruise to accommodate their vacation schedule.

For a true Lake Tahoe experience, guests should make sure to add one of these fine cruises onto their vacation itinerary. Nothing beats seeing South Lake Tahoe like it should be seen - from on the water.