FiRE + iCE Interactive Grill + Bar, Asian Flavors

Asian Flavors

Asian food has many regional styles grounded by unique cooking methods and exotic ingredients such as soy, ginger and chiles. Water chestnuts, bok choy and baby corn add a fun element to any meal. Love heat? Sriracha, Szechuan sauce or tiger spice will make your dish hotter than a day at the beach in Thailand.
FiRE + iCE Interactive Grill + Bar, American Flavors

American Flavors

Travel to the South with barbecue sauce over pulled pork, wings or ribs. Headed to Louisiana with Cajun spices or across to the Tex-Mex region with fajita sauce. Bring back memories of those fun, backyard cookouts with burgers and dogs. From spicy to classic and comforting, you can create it all!
FiRE + iCE Interactive Grill + Bar, Latin Flavors

Latin Flavors

Rice, black beans, corn and tortillas compliment the intense flavors of ingredients like chipotle peppers, cilantro and lime. Our unique mango garlic mojo or jalapeno lime sauces will infuse your meal with the best of the Latin region's bright and zesty flavors. Create your own quesadillas and tacos, or base a dish on rice and beans and add a twist with chilies and spices.
FiRE + iCE Interactive Grill + Bar, Italian Flavors

Italian Flavors

Italian cuisine relies heavily on the diversity of Italy's distinct regions. With a foundation of pastas, pesto, garlic, olive oil and Sicilian herbs, many unique regional cuisines are built. Pasta lovers can rejoice as spaghetti and bow-tie dishes galore! For the adventurous, ingredients for risotto might be in your bowl. Take your own twist on a classic by creating your own pizza! From homemade signatures to exciting and authentic flavors, you'll feel like you're back in Nonni's kitchen!
FiRE + iCE Interactive Grill + Bar, Frozen Mangonada

Frozen Mangonada

Made with José Cuervo Tradicional Tequila, mango purée, chamoy Tajin and lime.