Since 2001, Big Blue Adventure has hosted a variety of sporting events around Lake Tahoe and Truckee. When summer arrives, Big Blue Adventure’s events start rolling so they are perfect for those visiting the area and who want to get competitive or challenge themselves. That said, Big Blue Adventure races are great for people who just want to get out and move while taking in the beauty of Lake Tahoe. Runner? Big Blue Adventure hosts several running events to choose from, or try the Emerald Bay Trail Run and it will be hard to keep your eyes on the trail while gazing at the beauty of Lake Tahoe’s iconic bay. If you’re a cyclist try the Lake Tahoe Mountain Bike Race, or the Great Trail Race on the lake’s North Shore. Triathlon? Big Blue Adventure has four offering mountain bike and traditional road bike events in several distances. Paddling? Check out the Thunderbird Paddling Festival at arguably Tahoe’s best beach, Sand Harbor. Don’t forget the kids, as there are several events available that feature age appropriate distances with the focus on fun and participation.