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Bella Tahoe Catering & Deli is committed to offering a wide variety of services that help promote a better food ecosystem in the greater Lake Tahoe area. Our focus is on fostering relationships with local vendors who source their high-quality ingredients at fair wages to their employees, as well as attention to the greater biodiversity of the historic and beautiful Tahoe region.

You can rest assure that our team will create a memorable and delightful experience that you can treasure for years to come.

   Chef Candace Lockhart, originally from Southern California, was always an adept cook, and years of experience to culmination by studying the culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, California. After serving some high-end clientelle shortly after graduating with her degree specialization French cuisine, she founded the company that would eventually become Bella Tahoe Catering & Deli.

   Chef Lockhart is now a longtime resident of the Tahoe region and supports local businesses, farm-to-table methodologies, and smart, environmentally friendly tactics to deliver the best experience to every client and keep Lake Tahoe blue, fresh, and wonderful for generations to come.

Overland Meat Company - A local Tahoe region distributor specializing in the most exotic and classic meats alike. We have supported this wonderful organization since our founding.

Dart Beverage - Located only a hop & a skip from the location of Bella Tahoe Deli, this excellent company specializes in a vast variety of drinks from everywhere on planet earth.

   Back in 2007, Bella Sera Catering serviced clients in both Southern California and Southern Idaho. After learning a great deal about the catering industry and moving to the Tahoe region, Chef Candace Lockhart was inspired by the beauty of the Tahoe Basin and the many wonderful communities living throughout the area. She decided to rename her company and dedicate herself to delivering the best dining experiences available in the Tahoe region.

   Thus, in 2009 Bella Tahoe Catering was born, and over the years, has moved to several locations, finally settling in Stateline, NV. What once started as a humble single-person operation has bloomed in a small business employing hundreds and establishing business relationships with the greater Tahoe region. We'd love to make history with you!