Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

With an environment like this, it would almost be criminal if the majority of the things to do in Lake Tahoe weren’t outdoors ... and of course they are! For Lake Tahoe activities in the summer, you can enjoy kayaking, SUPing and other water sports that take the lead. If you’d prefer to frolic in the snow, things to do in Lake Tahoe during the winter include ice skating, Nordic skiing and sliding down a snowy mountain any way you can. Of course all the towns in this part of the woods are known for that, but what about dog sledding? Bet you might not have done that! It’s a popular Lake Tahoe activity in Squaw Valley, so get on it! Lace up your shoes and head out on some of Tahoe’s City’s hiking trails that take you on a scenic tour of the beaches and mountains on the West Shore. Several give you amazing views of one of the most beautiful things to do in Tahoe City – exploring Emerald Bay. You can almost imagine you're in the Caribbean watching this water. Now, if those summertime water temps will just rise about 20 more degrees....

The Things to Do in Lake Tahoe Rock!

There are other things to do in Lake Tahoe that may interest you if you’re not looking for an athletic vacation. Going sightseeing on bus tours that cart you over the entire Tahoe Basin or checking out fascinating exhibits in museums are part of the offerings of the many South Lake Tahoe activities. Vacation is also the ideal time to take care of yourself, and a visit to one of the spas in Incline Village’s things to do has you feeling pampered and polished in no time. Lake Tahoe also hosts an array of festivals during the warmer months that will appeal to craftspeople, artists, nerds or those celebrating Independence Day.

Check out the listings below to see what's in store for you during the winter and summer with things to do in Lake Tahoe.

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