Tahoe Thing to Do: Dog Sledding

Here’s a thing to do in Tahoe that we bet you’ve never done (well, 99% of you, at least): dog sledding in Lake Tahoe! Sure, a huge percentage of you own dogs, and another huge percentage love sliding around in the snow, but the combination of those two aspects is not something most of us have experienced. Dog sledding in Lake Tahoe mostly takes place in Squaw. Groups of two to four can set off on trails into the snowy wonder behind a team of eight to 10 Alaskan Huskies. Imagine the barking set against the backdrop of a quiet, winter-filled landscape! It must be exhilarating! Don’t worry, you don’t have to have experience. This adventure has a certified dog-sledding guide at the leashes! As is typical in this area where local companies take full advantage of the seasonal environmental changes, a golf course at Squaw does double duty in the winter as the setting for this fun outing. You might as well experience every snow sport there is while you’re here, right? Tubing … fun. Skiing … fun. Cross country … fun. But dog sledding in Lake Tahoe … now there’s a sport we can get behind!