Tahoe Thing to Do: Diving

As you stand at almost any vantage point, the beauty of Lake Tahoe is unquestioned. The emerald, crystal clear water has earned it the name Jewel of the Sierra Nevada. It sparkles and reflects the sky in dramatic fashion. For most people, this view from on top of the lake is all they see, but imagine plunging beneath that surface to see the lake from a different vantage point! Scuba diving in Lake Tahoe takes you to another world that’s unseen from the edge, and it's a very popular thing to do in Tahoe. Many places around the lake provide good dive spots where you can see artifacts from years gone by. One diver has claimed to have seen a Model A Ford, but you can also see barges, dories, sunken piers, sinks and more. Dive spots are ranked by local experts for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Technical. If you don’t have experience scuba diving in Lake Tahoe, it’s very important that you go through the local shops and, if not experienced, take a class that will cover, among other things, the high-altitude dive table. (Air pressure is lower at higher altitudes, and typical dive tables are based on pressures at sea level.) Temps for Lake Tahoe range from 40 degrees to the upper 60s, so a full suit is a must.