Tahoe Things to Do: Birding

Even if you’re not an avid birder, you can’t help but notice the birds of Lake Tahoe. Our vast, open spaces are the perfect backdrop for bird spotting as are the wilderness areas and old-growth forests. But even in the town areas, you can easily pick out common birds of Lake Tahoe such as the Mountain Chickadee, American Robin, the California Gull and the Canada Goose. Looking high up, you can see the broad wings of Red-Tailed Hawks. When you’re in the more wooded areas, keep an eye out for the Hairy Woodpecker and tune your ears for the noisy Steller’s Jay, which also sports gorgeous blue tones in its plumage. Another beautifully colored bird of Lake Tahoe is the male Western Tanager. And, if you’re a city dweller who might not have the opportunity to experience many majestic flyers, keep your eyes open for Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles, both of which are present in the Lake Tahoe are in winter.