Tahoe Thing to Do: Golf

Golfing is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and that’s true here too. With more than 20 Lake Tahoe golf courses, it’s clear that it’s a top choice for things to do in Tahoe when the snow is off the ground. (Kinda hard chasing that little white ball through feet of white snow!) While there are some totally private Lake Tahoe courses, most of them are open to the public, and a few of the private ones even offer a day or two per week for non-member play. But you don’t have to join a club to experience truly breathtaking Lake Tahoe golf courses. A few are more than 100 years old, meaning the trees that line the fairways could tell you a lot of stories! At every course, you’ll see exhilarating beauty: old-growth forests, rivers and creeks running through, mountain backdrops, high-altitude meadows, marshland and more. And the only hazard on golf courses in Lake Tahoe isn’t water. Huge granite boulders might also interrupt your perfect drive to the green. One of the most prestigious (and richest) golf tournaments in the U.S. is held here, The American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament. And, unlike most tournaments where the winner gets the purse, this one is different in that the event raises money for various charities. That’s a hole in one!