Obexer's General Store

Obexer's Boat Company & Obexer's Water Sports
5300 West Lake Boulevard, Homewood, CA
(530) 525-1300

Obexer's General Store is so much more than a general store. It offers all the normal stuff that would be found at a corner convenience shop, but the goodies go far beyond that. At Obexer's you will find homemade sandwiches, the super-popular Obexer's secret sauces for pasta, salad dressings, BBQ sauce, seafood and marinades as well as specialty olives and mustards. Obexer's also offers freshly swirled ice cream, perfect for enjoying with the lake views from their outdoor deck in the summer. They also sell freshly sliced cheeses and meats along with a huge selection of micro beers and wines. In addition, Obexer's is known for its breakfast burritos and bagels.