Lake Tahoe Boat Rides

2435 Venice Drive E., South Lake Tahoe, CA
(530) 545-1223

Lake Tahoe Boat Rides is a premier charter boat company that offers customized boat tours designed to make memories that last a lifetime. For those looking to enjoy the beautiful sites and excitement that Lake Tahoe has to offer by boat, Lake Tahoe Boat Rides has a variety of private boat tours available. This is perfect for swimming in private coves, tubing, waterskiing and lounging while your private driver takes you and your loved ones around the lake. If you want to step it up a notch, then try Lake Tahoe Boat Rides' yacht charters. Tending to your every desire, these tours bring luxury upon the serene waters of Lake Tahoe to a higher level. To keep things simple, they have various private docks for rental pick up in addition to their Tahoe Keys main hub. They will also drop off rental gear at your desired location.