Granlibakken Tahoe

725 Granlibakken Road, Tahoe City, CA
(877) 552-6301

Granlibakken Tahoe is tucked away in the forested hills framing Lake Tahoe. Located just a few minutes from Tahoe City, Granlibakken is a resort center that invokes the meaning of quaint hospitality while at the same time offering a plethora of options to create the perfect vacation. From a fine dining restaurant that serves culinary art to a conference center that holds annual events such as the Granlibakken's Women's Wellness Weekend, from its own private tiny ski area to a full-service spa complete with yoga classes, Granlibakken Tahoe strives to fill each guest's request. The adjoining ski area has a poma lift and rope tow for guests in the winter and then transfers over to a ropes course area in the summer. There are also tennis courts on property as well as fantastic hiking leaving directly from the resort.