Incline Village Things To Do in Winter

In northern Lake Tahoe, the mountains stand high and majestic and welcome winter sports enthusiasts from all over the country. Wintertime Incline Village things to do make excellent use of the mountainous terrain and abundant supply of snow. And to balance the time spent outdoors, Incline Village things to do also include numerous indoor forms of entertainment that keep your days and nights fun filled. Incline Village boasts incredibly tall ski slopes with intricate trails that give advanced skiers thrills. But beginner and intermediate skiers can also enjoy their share of fun with more appropriate slopes. Incline Village activities even veer to the zany side – ever tried sending a dummy attached to skis or a snowboard whizzing down a mountain? You’re at the perfect place to try this one-of-a-kind Incline Village winter activity that’s as fun as it sounds. The beautiful and snow-covered terrain also provides a lovely setting for hiking or mountain biking, and the trails lead you to breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe. Be sure to take your camera with you because there are numerous photo opportunities at every Incline Village winter activity (even at spas – who doesn’t want a photo of their sweetie in a mud mask?). In this magical winter wonderland, celebrate the setting with a Nordic festival that honors the Norse god of snow and patron saint of skiers.

Indoor Incline Village Things To Do

Including Crystal Bay

When you’re ready to warm up after your time outdoors, Incline Village things to do offer various types of indoor fun that keep you active and amused. Get your heart rate up in the upscale fitness centers or bring it down with a relaxing visit to a spa. If you’re searching for outings the whole family can enjoy, a trip to a bowling alley can stir up a little friendly competition or a swing by the cinema can keep you up to date on the latest releases. And if you’re feeling lucky, check out a casino in Crystal Bay and try your hand at poker, Blackjack and more. Incline Village’s winter activities are ready for you – check out the listings below to see which ones capture your attention.

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