How to Get Your Skis or Snowboard Ready for the Lake Tahoe Snow

By Tahoe Staff | Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Be prepared for your Lake Tahoe ski or snowboard vacation. Don’t hit the slopes with dull edges and a sticky base. Give those planks some love! Here at we have a few tip to help make sure your gear is in tip-top shape for Tahoe’s elements.


Lake Tahoe rarely gets into the negative temps. In fact, the temperature is more likely to hit 50 than -5. So a universal-to-warm temperature wax is well suited for Tahoe weather. A favorite wax brand is Tahoe’s own Papa Woody Snowboard Wax. Keep on the look out for their free waxing days at various Tahoe resorts.


Unless you plan on hitting the boxes and rails, keep those edges sharp. Lake Tahoe ski resorts like to keep their trails nice and groomed, but beware of icy shadowed areas. If it hasn’t snowed for awhile you will definitely want sharp edges when entering the trees.

Ski or Snowboard Lock

There are always a few bad apples looking to spoil the fun. Here at Tahoe theft is not a big problem, but it does happen on occasion. If you're riding high end gear, it never hurts to invest in a portable ski/snowboard lock. They can fit in your pocket and add an extra level of security when you enter the lodge.

Check out these videos for visual tutorials on tuning your own skis or snowboard!

Ski Tuning

How to: Ski Tuning from Skiing Magazine on Vimeo.

Snowboard Tuning

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