Lake Tahoe Campgrounds

Ahhhh, the great outdoors! Thousands of visitors come to Lake Tahoe every year to enjoy the natural beauty that is ever-present here. And, for many, that even extends to where they choose to stay while they’re here – as in, Lake Tahoe campgrounds. From basic sites where you pitch a tent to parks where you can park your snazzy RV, Tahoe camping options can match whatever style fits you the best. As might be expected, many Lake Tahoe campgrounds are situated in state parks where you’re surrounded by old-growth forests, glistening turquoise water, granite boulders, hiking trails and more … including the critters that also call those forests home (but, that’s definitely part of the appeal of Tahoe camping, right!?). Other options are camping resorts where you’ll find on-site restaurants and coffee shops, marinas and sports equipment rentals for summer and winter, stretches of lakefront beach, horseback riding, snowmobiling option and so much more. Sure, you’re in one of the Lake Tahoe campgrounds, but we might not be able to call it roughing it! But the fact that you can choose from more than 20 Tahoe camping options shows how popular this lodging style is. You’ll find these campgrounds all around the lake, so if you have a favorite town here, you’ll also find a nearby choice.