Tahoe City & West Shore

Tahoe City is one of the prettiest places you'll ever see. Yea, we're biased, but it's simply true. From every vantage point, 360 degrees, it's beauty. And that even includes the town center with shops, restaurants and hotels. On summer days, the street is lined with flower baskets at giraffe-head height with color spilling out toward you. To one side you look and see the shimmering lake, to the other the mountains. Across the street you see an art gallery full of kind of mind-blowing photographs of the area's beauty. Across the street, there's an historic house, classic log cabin style. 

Part of what makes Tahoe City pretty, so to speak, is the vibe you get from this mountain town. Everyone's friendly. Everyone seems healthy and engaged in life. Wander into the bicycle shop, and they stop and talk with you. Grab a coffee and, if you’re not a local, the barista asks where you’re from. Maybe this attitude comes from the smallness of Tahoe City, where people generally know who’s local and who’s visiting, and there’s a trust that’s harder to find in a city. Who knows, but it’s working for them because you sure feel included when you’re here.


This is an active town. Wintertime is marked with skiing and plenty of other snow sports (including après-ski relaxing with a hot toddy). When the sun shines warmer, the town’s easy access to the lake means that boating, waterskiing, kayaking, SUPing, swimming, fishing and lake cruises take center stage. Year round, biking and hiking keep people moving. Until it gets too covered in snow, the local golf course is full.

Tahoe City — Walking in a Winter Wonderland

And, speaking of snow, Tahoe City in the winter, especially around the holidays, is a wonder. Imagine an image of your most favorite, small mountain town scene. Add sparkling, twinkling lights adorning everything. Put it in a snow globe and shake it up, watching as the flakes gently settle. That’s Tahoe City.