In a mountain setting where California and Nevada meet to cradle crystal clear waters, the sun-drenched drama of Lake Tahoe awaits. For TONY LAURIAN, there is only one place on earth where all the elements of life come together in such perfect symmetry. "The ideal climate allows me and my family unlimited opportunities to enjoy sports and activities in the fresh mountain air," Tony says. Tony utilizes this sports lover's paradise to the max, from the bunkers of its golf courses to the peaks of its ski slopes to boating and boarding on the lake.

A longtime resident of Lake Tahoe, Tony's first glimpse of this country, as he passed by the Statue of Liberty on the S.S. United States, will always be a treasured memory. "I'll never forget the moment as our family stood together on the bow of the ship," Tony recalls fondly. "My parents were realizing their dream, after leaving Romania, to live as a free man and give me the opportunity to realize my own dream here and live in freedom."

Since that day, decades ago, Tony has never taken for granted the life he has built here. Whether as a business professional helping others maximize their investment, or working as a volunteer, Tony is committed to making a positive difference. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Tahoe Douglas Chamber of Commerce and as president of the Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club. He also coached club soccer for 15 years and refereed at the high school level.

His wife, Fredricka, who is also a real estate broker, also plays an integral role in his ongoing community involvement, with a commitment centered around children and local education.

In business, knowledge and experience are Tony's foundation. For someone with such a deep appreciation of this mountain environment, it's only fitting that he has turned his enjoyment of the area into a successful career. Tony combines a thorough knowledge of real estate and marketing with business skills and cutting-edge technology to help home buyers and sellers receive the benefits of state-of-the-art efficiency, as well as more personalized service. "I use the Internet in a variety of ways to help my clients maximize their options," he says. "It's an invaluable asset for communication and marketing." As a member of the California State Bar, Tony is able to add an additional dimension to his work as a real estate professional.

Incorporating over 30 years of experience in real estate and holding the CRS designation, Tony has acquired a unique perspective that allows him to determine the qualities that make certain homes better investment opportunities. Years of real estate development, remodeling, and having built one of South Shore's most successful property management companies, have contributed to his ability to discover value where others may not. "I pride myself on the knowledge and experience I have obtained. Speaking four languages helps Tony serve an international clientele.