Bridgetender Tavern & Grill, Authentic Mexican Tacos

Authentic Mexican Tacos

your choice of carne asada, chicken or pork, cilantro, & onion on corn tortillas with chips & salsa
Bridgetender Tavern & Grill, Pork Ribs & Wings & Fries

Pork Ribs & Wings & Fries

hot, slightly spicy Hawaiian teriyaki or BBQ style wings
Bridgetender Tavern & Grill, Kale Brussel Salad

Kale Brussel Salad

shaved brussel sprouts, baby kale, toasted almonds, sliced apples, dried cranberries and goat cheese, tossed with lemon dijon vinaigrette
Bridgetender Tavern & Grill, Rocky Mountain Elk Burger

Rocky Mountain Elk Burger

6 oz. lean & delicious, cooked medium rare, served with monterey jack cheese & blueberry BBQ sauce