Spa Edgewood, Diamond Rose Body Ritual

Diamond Rose Body Ritual

Infuse and refresh your skin with an unforgettable body experience. A delicate, diamond dust exfoliation renews your skin... More info
Spa Edgewood, Sole Revival

Sole Revival

A stimulating mint foot treatment revives your soles, while a soothing leg and foot massage relieves tension from tired... More info
Spa Edgewood, Normatec Air Compression Therapy

Normatec Air Compression Therapy

Fresh legs faster! NormaTec uses dynamic air compression to advance your wellness, recover faster, improve your training,... More info
Spa Edgewood, Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

Enjoy your journey into this dynamic, centering, and healing treatment. This traditional therapy is said to bring healing at... More info
Spa Edgewood, Mother-To-Be Massage

Mother-To-Be Massage

Our blend of soothing and comforting botanicals - safe for mother and baby- are designed to help relax and nurture. A... More info
Spa Edgewood, Warming CBD Massage

Warming CBD Massage

This tension-dissolving treatment targets pain and inflammation with our Full Spectrum CBD Collection and specialized... More info
Spa Edgewood, Balancing Stone Massage

Balancing Stone Massage

These warmed natural stones ease tension, melt away stiffness, increase circulation, and balance the energy of the body. Our... More info
Spa Edgewood, Crystal Wellness Massage

Crystal Wellness Massage

Our gemstone blend of rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst fosters a harmonic wellness in the body, providing tranquility... More info
Spa Edgewood, Stone Crop Body Polish

Stone Crop Body Polish

This reviving body scrub will exfoliate and improve circulation, giving the skin a natural glow. Organic trace minerals... More info
Spa Edgewood, Absolute Wellness Treatment

Absolute Wellness Treatment

Lose yourself in the luxury of relaxation. Press pause and sink into the exfoliating textures of Dead Sea salt crystals and... More info