(gf) = gluten free

Warm Castelvetrano Olives (gf)

Green, buttery, nutty, sicilian olives, tossed in lemon zest, thyme, roasted garlic

4-Cheese Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese

Oven-baked cavitapi spiral pasta, applewood bacon, gruyere, smoked gouda, whole milk mozzarella, parmesan, bread crumbs

Roasted Garlic & White Bean Dip

Pureed white bean dip, served with whole roasted garlic cloves, house-made pita
sub gluten free pita, add $2

Roasted Beets (gf)

Quartered beets, goat cheese, pistachios, balsamic reduction.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (gf)

Pancetta, maple.

Garlic or Pesto Chips

Spread with fresh garlic or pesto, whole milk mozzarella.
add side of ranch 50¢
add side of tomato sauce $1
make it gluten free, add$2

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Smothered with fresh garlic, whole milk mozzarella
add side of ranch 50¢
add side of tomato sauce $1

Roasted Jalapeno & Crab Skillet

Roasted jalapenos, lump crab, goat cheese, parmesan, cream cheese, sliced sourdough baguette, water crackers.
sub gluten free pita, add $2

House-made Soup of the Day

Add half order cheesy garlic bread - $2.75.

House Simple Greens

Field greens, roma tomatoes, carrot strings, croutons, house-made vinaigrette (without croutons - gf).
add goat cheese $1/$2

Caesar Salad

Romaine, grated parmesan, croutons, house-made caesar.
add anchovies 50¢/$1.00

Kale Brussels Sprout Pinenut Salad (gf)

Julienned curly kale, shaved brussels sprouts, golden raisins, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, grated parmesan, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil.

The Wedge Salad (gf)

Iceberg, applewood bacon, roma tomatoes, white onion, gorgonzola, house-made bleu cheese dressing.
add avocado $1
Served on fresh french bread with a side of simple greens, house-made vinaigrette.

Vegetable Sandwich

Roma tomatoes, carrot strings, roasted red bell pepper, cremini mushrooms, caramelized onion, arugula, smoked gouda, pesto, extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic aioli.
add avodado $1
add ham or turkey$2

Turkey Bacon Pear Sandwich

Turkey, applewood smoked bacon, asian pear, roasted red bell pepper, white onion, arugula, brie, pesto, roasted garlic aioli.
add avocado$1

Meatball Sandwich

House-made meatballs, provolone, house-made tomato sauce.

Italian Sandwich

Sopressata, capicola, ham, pepperoncini, pickled cherry peppers, provolone, roasted garlic aioli, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil.
Proudly made with the finest Italian pizza flour and premium meats and cheeses. Gluten free dough available for 12in pizzas, add $2 (white sauce is not gluten free).

Pizza of the Week - The Whiteout

White sauce, mozzarella, Gruyere, artichoke hearts, sliced chicken breast, and caramelized onions with a balsamic glaze and arugula.
Featured Pizza $19 / $26

Italian Pizza

Red sauce, mozzarella, 2 types of pepperoni, capicola, sopressata, roasted red peppers, pickled cherry peppers , topped with fresh arugula
$18 / $25
Made with 100% whole milk mozzarella and house-made tomato sauce unless otherwise described.

Margarita Pizza

Fresh mozzarella, fresh basil leaves.
$17 / $24
add roma tomatoes $1 / $1.5

Hawaiian Pizza

Ham, pineapple.
$16 / $23

Four Cheese Pizza

Smoked gouda, gruyere, provolone, whole milk mozzarella.
$16 / $23

Pepperoni Pineapple Jalapeno Pizza

Fresh sliced jalapenos.
$17 / $23

Vegetarian Pizza

Roma tomatoes, green bell pepper, mushrooms, black olives, onion.
$18 / $25

Veggie Meat Combo Pizza

Mushrooms, green bell pepper, black olives, pepperoni, Italian sausage.
$18 / $25

Meat Combo Pizza

Pepperoni, italian sausage, salami.
$18 / $25

Pesto Artichoke

Fresh mozzarella, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, roasted red bell peppers, roasted garlic, pesto sauce.
$18 / $25

The Italian

Sopressata, capicola, pepperoni, roasted red bell peppers, pepperoncini, pickled cherry peppers, fresh arugula.
$18 / $25
Not available in half and half.

Mushroom Pizza

Mushroom medley, caramelized onion, fresh basil, roasted garlic, gruyere, goat cheese, whole milk mozzarella, house-made white sauce.
$19 / $26
add italian sausage$2 / $2.5

Meatball Pizza

House-made meatballs, onion, fresh basil, ricotta, whole milk mozzarella, house-made tomato sauce (also great with white sauce)
$19 / $26

Broccolini Pizza

Broccolini, caramelized onion, pine nuts, gruyere, goat cheese, whole milk mozzarella, balsamic drizzle, house-made white sauce.
$19 / $26
add pancetta $2 / $2.5

Arugula Bacon Pear Pizza

Applewood bacon, fresh asian pear, fresh arugula, gorgonzola, balsamic drizzle, whole milk mozzarella, house-made white sauce.
$19 / $26

Napoletana Pizza

Anchovies, roasted red bell peppers, micro-sliced lemon, fresh basil, oregano, shaved parmesan, whole milk mozzarella, house-made tomato sauce.
$19 / $26

Sopressata Honey Drizzle Pizza

Boar’s head italian salami, fresh sliced jalapenos, caramelized onion, fresh basil, shaved parmesan, goat cheese, honey drizzle, whole milk mozzarella, house-made tomato sauce.
$19 / $26

Kale & Salsiccia Pizza

Italian sausage, kale, caramelized onion, micro-sliced lemon, goat cheese, whole milk mozzarella, house-made white sauce.
$19 / $26

Getting Started

Start with house-made tomato, pesto, or white sauce with 100% whole milk mozzarella.
12"- $14 / 16"- $19

Cheese Toppings

Provolone, smoked gouda, gruyere, gorgonzola, shaved parmesan, goat cheese, ricotta.
$1.5 /$2 each

Meat/Fish Toppings

Pepperoni, house-made meatballs, sopressata (italian salami), salsiccia (italian sausage), capicola (italian ham), applewood bacon, ham, pancetta, anchovies.
$2 / $2.5

Veggie/Fruit Toppings

Roma tomatoes, black olives, white onion, caramelized onion, roasted red bell pepper, green bell pepper, fresh sliced jalapenos, micro-sliced lemon, pepperoncini, roasted garlic, fresh garlic, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, broccolini, curly kale, asian pear, pineapple
$1 / $1.5 each

Top It Off

Balsamic reduction drizzle, honey drizzle, fresh basil, arugula, oregano
$1 / $2 each

Banana Bread Pudding

House-made, finished with caramel sauce and whipped cream.

Chocolate Mousse (gf)

House-made mousse, topped with whipped cream.