Truckee Home Consignment, Handmade Art

Handmade Art

Offering one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted artworks. These beautiful & unique art pieces are bound to dress up any room or space. Come on in & check out what we have in store.
Truckee Home Consignment, Modern Home Furnishings

Modern Home Furnishings

Offering modern home furnishings & home decorations. Featuring contemporary furniture, modern lighting & outdoor furnishings. Stop by & start creating your dream space!
Truckee Home Consignment, Rugs & Tapestries

Rugs & Tapestries

Shop our selection of unique rugs & tapestries! Explore both modern & antique designs & patterns to bring some ambiance to a room.
Truckee Home Consignment, Rustic Home Furnishings

Rustic Home Furnishings

Check out what rustic home furniture we have to offer! We carry diverse rustic wooden pieces & items with distressed finishings, come see for yourself! Prices vary on product.
Truckee Home Consignment, Specialty Home Accents

Specialty Home Accents

Add some character & accentuate your style with our wide selection of home accents! Offering decorative objects, lighting fixtures, artworks, centerpieces & much more! Prices vary on product