Miles Zimmerman

Miles moved to the Truckee Area right out of high school in 2008. Miles learned to fish from his Grandpa who passed on his love of the sport. He describes his Grandfather as a great soul and an excellent trout fisherman and is honored to continue his legacy after his passing in 2019. The sport of Fly Fishing came later as he was introduced to it by a good friend, Scotty Koper. Miles since has made it his goal to fish every lake and stream in North Lake Tahoe. He has spent countless hours exploring and finding new “secret” fishing spots along the way. Unlike other hobbies, Miles considers fishing to be part of his DNA and plans to fish the rest of his life.

Scott Koper

Born and raised in Truckee, Scott Koper is a true local. He spent his summers catching vibrant-healthy rainbows and browns from the banks of the Truckee River and has always had a great passion for the local fishery. Inline with the culture of Truckee, Scott has always believed that a laid back fly shop is exactly what the town of Truckee needed. After nearly 3 years of travels, Scott returned to Truckee with the excitement of joining his pal Miles Zimmerman for some hometown fishing while executing the dream of opening a fly fishing shop in the heart of historical Truckee California.