Trip Nosh, Baked Ziti with Classic Salad for Two

Baked Ziti With Classic Salad for Two

This Oven Baked Ziti is classic Italian-American comfort food! It’s easy to make, perfect for a quick weeknight meal. Al dente pieces of ziti noodles, delicious marinara sauce, and fresh mozzarella, you can’t go wrong! |
Trip Nosh, Ready to Nosh Basket

Ready to Nosh Basket

Start your vacation with a snack. This grown-up style nosh basket has everything you need to forget your travels and kickback |
Trip Nosh, Smoked Brisket Dinner

Smoked Brisket Dinner

The cola brined and smoked brisket is pure BBQ goodness. The delightfully crisp outer layer comes from our 14-hour smoke. Create an entire meal with this and add bourbon-glazed carrots and mashed red potatoes, The a la cart brisket order includes cornbread and BBQ sauce |
Trip Nosh, Spatchcock Chicken & Succotash for Two

Spatchcock Chicken & Succotash for Two

Delicious comfort food is what this dinner shouts. Our gourmet seasoned spatchcock chicken stays moist and buttery. A high-quality fast meal without stopping at the grocery store. Succotash has a rainbow of flavors accessible to the whole family. This dish is perfect for your arrival and makes leftover lovable again |
Trip Nosh, Vegetable Terrine for Two

Vegetable Terrine for Two

Packed with the best produce from zucchini and squash to eggplant and rosemary, this terrine is absolutely delicious — and a sophisticated change of pace from a salad to start the meal |