Alibi Ale Works, Home Delivery!

Home Delivery!

Visit Alibi pubs or we'll ship beer to your doorstep!
Alibi Ale Works, Alibi Growlers

Alibi Growlers

Many of our beers are available to take home in 32oz and 64oz refillable growlers. Prices vary depending on the beer.
Alibi Ale Works, Alibi Ale Works Apparel

Alibi Ale Works Apparel

Represent one of Lake Tahoe's best breweries in style. Now offering Alibi Ale Works branded hats, shirts, jackets & more! Apparel is available for in store purchase only.
Alibi Ale Works, Beer of the Month Subscription

Beer of the Month Subscription

Get your option of 4, 8, 16, or 24 different 16oz cans of fresh Alibi beer each month for 3 months!
Alibi Ale Works, Alibi Kolsch

Alibi Kolsch

Our K├Âlsch is a crisp, lager-like beer fermented on the cooler side of ale temperatures.
Alibi Ale Works, Mr. Tartacular's Big Berry Tickler

Mr. Tartacular's Big Berry Tickler

This winter release in our Mr. Tartacular series is a deliciously tart wheat ale loaded with 1.3 pounds per gallon of raspberries, blueberries and boysenberries.